Apr 23

Asian Ladyboy Bia On Bob’s Tgirls!

Bia on Bob's Tgirls!

Bob’s Tgirls is another one of those sites that you don’t really think of consciously when you’re looking for Asian Ladyboy sites; but, Bob’s Tgirls is actually full of beautiful Ladyboys that will make you drool! I like Bob’s site because he does a really great job of getting today’s top Transsexual Models to pose for his camera. If a girl appears on Bob’s Tgirls, you know that she’s got something special… Bob has a pretty discerning eye when it comes to models for his site!

As you can tell, I’m sure that Asian Ladyboy Bia had absolutely no problem at all getting on Bob’s Tgirls though. This girl is absolutely stunning and has that ‘cold’ model look that only serves to excite you more… one of those ‘hard to get cases’ to be sure. This is one sexy outfit though and I’m sure that Bia must have guys all over her when she hits the clubs! Lucky for you, you can have her and all the other girls to yourself on Bob’s Tgirls!

Bia on Bob's Tgirls! Bia on Bob's Tgirls!


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  1. Cleo Witkowski

    Wow , thank you nice article about shemales , I really like them and I wish you’ll quickly wrote some additional! Once more thank you !

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