Apr 30

Come Tour The Philippines With The Girls Of PiLadyboy!

Juliana on PiLadyboy! Juliana on PiLadyboy!

PiLadyboy is one of the Ladyboy sites that I’ve really enjoyed watching grow and find its feet in the last couple of years. The site features exclusively the beautiful Ladyboys of The Philippines, with the exception of some guest galleries. Who ever knew that such a relatively small piece of the planet could hold such a treasure of Asian Ladyboys!

PiLadyboy has made some really great improvements this year including ZIP galleries for pictures, more hardcore content, and a brand new photographer, who is doing an awesome job. Just check out these beautiful pictures of one of my favorite girls from the site, Juliana! Can’t you just imagine yourself spending a little private time with her someday! Makes me want to visit The Philippines right away every time I look at her!

Juliana on PiLadyboy! Juliana on PiLadyboy!


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