May 31

Get A Taste Of Sweet Honey On Piladyboy!

Honey on Piladyboy! Honey on Piladyboy!

This week on PiLadyboy, Members were treated to the awesome debut of hot Filipina Honey! I love this first picture of Honey which reminds of me a girl who is just taking a breather after a good, hard roll in the sack. The mussed up hair, her tits peaking out from her bra, and light lipstick… all signs of a good bout of sex!

I really like Honey and I think she’ll do really well on the site. Honey has a really beautiful face and a nice curvy body which will drive the guys on PiLadyboy wild with desire. Just look into those eyes and tell me that you wouldn’t want to take a wild romp with Honey and shoot a hot sticky load of yours all over her!

Honey on Piladyboy! Honey on Piladyboy!


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  1. Zandra Leukhardt

    Wow , thank you good post about shemales , I really like them and I hope you are going to quickly wrote some more! Once more thank you !

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