Jun 10

Asian Ladyboy Areeya In White Lingerie!

Asian Ladyboy Areeya! Asian Ladyboy Areeya!

Don’t you just love this first picture of Asian Ladyboy Areeya looking sexy as can be dressed only in her white bra and panties? Areeya has some really nice legs. I totally love the way they just draw your eyes from the tip of her feet all the way up to her hips.

The thing with Areeya is that you’re never quite expecting her to bring out a monster cock from those sexy, little, frilly panties of hers. How can she keep that beauty all tucked away like that? You’d think it would be pretty painful after a while but maybe it just makes the release that much better! Regardless, once Asian Ladyboy Areeya releases her cock from its confines, there’s no stopping it from growing into a huge hard tower!

Asian Ladyboy Areeya!


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  1. Guillermina Gatley

    Thank you yet again for writing this great lines about ladyboys! We need additional posts like this ones!

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