Apr 30

Asian Ladyboy LongMint Gets Fresh With Her Melon!

Asian Ladyboy LongMint! Asian Ladyboy LongMint!

I really have to hand it to Asian Ladyboy LongMint who does an excellent job of color coordination with this new set of hers. LongMint always has such great outfits in her scenes and I love the sexy stockings that she’s wearing here with all the cutouts in them.

You know, I thought about trying apple pie once, but didn’t… but perhaps Ladyboy LongMint will tempt me to try melon! It does seem like a nice, sweet, cool melon closing around her Ladyboy cock would feel quite nice… although I think she is going to be left with a big, sticky mess in the end. Then again, I guess Asian Ladyboy LongMint is usually left with a sticky mess at the end of her hot scenes!

Asian Ladyboy LongMint! Asian Ladyboy LongMint!


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  1. Musaafiruun

    l’d love to see Longmint and Krissy get together. It would be a torrid time for ojr fragile little Longmint, but it would be great to watch!

  2. admin

    I agree… that would be pretty hot. Too bad one lives in Thailand and the other lives in the USA!

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