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Mar 24

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin Sparkles And Sexy In Red!

Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin! Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin!

It is pretty evident that Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin can pretty much wear just about anything and still look amazing, and she shows once again just how beautiful she is in this set over at her Official Site. Eva Lin is looking stunning in her red bikini and tiny skirt for this set, and while it leaves little to the imagination, it sure does set your imagination running around with all the fun you could have with this sexy Asian Ladyboy!

Eva Lin’s career is on the rise and I don’t think we’ll be seeing the end of it any time soon. This sexy Asian Ladyboy will be continuing to amaze and gather Fans of hers with her beautiful body, awesome performances, and pretty face for years to come, I’m sure and we’ll be right there to bring you the pictures and videos of Ladyboy Eva Lin to prove it here at Asia Ladyboy Blog!

Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin! Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin!


Jan 24

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin Gets Fucked By Her Assistant!

Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin! Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin!

Eva Lin is another horny Asian Ladyboy that just loves taking advantage of every opportunity that presents itself for her to get her pretty Ladyboy ass fucked. While working on a new project, Eva Lin notices the bulge in her assistant’s pants, and she just can’t keep her hands off of it, knowing that there a rapidly hardening cock waiting there for her.

It isn’t very long before Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin is stripped down naked and laying flat on her back with her assistant’s hard cock pounding away inside her Ladyboy ass. This is one sexy Asian Ladyboy who just loves getting her ass fucked and pounded until she is begging for mercy… and that begging never comes so you can just expect that she’ll be getting fucked for a very long time!

Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin!


Nov 25

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin Is Beautiful In Blue!

Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin! Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin!

There is no doubt that Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin is one of the most stunning persons in Shemale porn at the moment, but if that was ever in doubt, maybe these pictures will help clear things up for you. Ladyboy Eva Lin is beautiful in blue for this sexy scene with the sunshine illuminating something tempting underneath her dress.

I love this first picture of Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin but seriously, this is just one gorgeous set overall. Eva Lin never looks better than when she is sporting this honey blond look, and her body in this set is absolutely lovely. If you haven’t taken a look at Eva Lin’s site recently, take it from me… this is a must-see site so swing on by and check it out.

Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin! Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin!


Jul 04

Enjoy The Sexy Fireworks This 4th Of July At Shemale Yum!

Brielle Bop on Shemale Yum! Kim Bella on Shemale Yum!

Happy 4th Of July, Shemale Porn Lovers!

While you’re sweating and slaving away over the barbecue today, don’t forget to head indoors to keep cool every once in a while and maybe rub one out to the sexy ladies over at Shemale Yum! We’re helping make some fireworks in your pants today with a great special for all of our readers here, and we hope that you will take advantage of this offer to have a little fun this 4th of July!

Shemale Yum is the longest running and biggest Shemale porn site on the market, featuring weekly updates with some of the hottest New-Comers and Shemale Pornstars in the industry. You’ll love the awesome variety of girls and scenes, from Brielle Bop to Kim Bella, to Eva Lin, and Lexi Barbie! These girls are ready to stroke their Shemale cocks and get their pretty asses fucked just for you, and this special discount won’t last long so come and get it today! Those burgers on the grill will wait… these girls are horny right now!

Eva Lin on Shemale Yum! Lexi Barbie on Shemale Yum!

May 29

Sexy Shemale Pornstars Fucking On Shemale XXX!

Shemale XXX has some of the world’s sexiest Shemale and Ladyboy Pornstars on the planet in hot solo scenes and hardcore action. This special deal from Grooby Productions is definitely worth checking out so you can see girls like Nody Nadia, Giselle Davila, Eva Lin, and Gianna Rivera all getting themselves off while fucking and getting fucked!

Whether you love Black Shemales, Asian Shemales, Brazilian Shemales, or good ol’ fashioned American Shemales, Shemale XXX has got you covered. This awesome deal won’t last forever so swing on by the site today by using the links in this post and begin enjoying some of the hottest Shemale Pornstars on the planet!


May 20

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin Sucking Cock And Getting Fucked!

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin!

When it comes to sexy Asian Ladyboys sucking and fucking cock, I don’t think they come any sexier than the beautiful TS Eva Lin! I just love this recent set of hers, giving this guy’s cock a nice long lick as her blue eyes stare straight into the camera… you know that the action is going to be great when you see the lust in her eyes for that cock in her hands!

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin!

I bet that just about any guy who is lucky enough to be paired with Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin in a scene remembers fucking her for days. With that beautiful body of hers and a sexual appetite that is insatiable, watching the beautiful TS Eva Lin fucking is a total pleasure… lip licking good according to Eva Lin!

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin!


Nov 16

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin Has A Fetish Fuck!

Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin! Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin!

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin has done some pretty fantastic scenes over the course of her career but you’ve got to really love this fetish-inspired on here on her Official Site. This sexy girl just loves having a little fun, and clearly, she has a little propensity for some rather kinky fun too!

Of all the Asian Ladyboys working in American porn at the moment, I think Eva Lin is one of the prettiest and sexiest. Clearly, Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin is totally gorgeous, and the fact that she has a kinky side only makes her that much more attractive to her Fans. Yeah, I think if you love Asian Ladyboys as much as I do, you’ve got to love the very sexy and gorgeous Eva Lin!

Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin! Asia Ladyboy Blog presents Eva Lin!


Aug 27

Hardcore Action With The Sexy Shemales Of TS Seduction!

TS Seduction has long been recognized as one of the best sites to check out some of the sexiest Shemale Pornstars alive doing domination scenes, and this week we’ve got a special deal for you to this awesome, hardcore site. With girls like Mia Isabella, Adriana Lynn Rush, Jayla Marie, and Eva Lin putting their Shemale cocks to good use, you’ll love watching the scenes unfold.

I’ve always liked TS Seduction because you can tell that they put some effort into making their scenes. For those of you with a little imagination, you’ll find it easy to get lost in the fantasies that unfold on this site. Whether you’ve had fantasies about getting fucked by the sexy therapist, professor, or police officer, you’re sure to find it on TS Seduction. Don’t miss out on this great offer to join the site for only $19.95 this week! Consider this a heads-up for you… but don’t forget! This is a limited time offer only so by the end of the week it will…be…gone!

May 25

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin Gets Used By TS Foxxy!

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin!

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin is sexy enough just by herself, pair her with TS Foxxy though and you’ve just doubled the sexiness in the room. Throw in a guy with a big, Black cock ready to fuck as well and prepare yourself to have your mind blown away with the action about to unfold!

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin!

I think Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin has already made quite the name for herself as being one the most exciting and sexiest girls in Shemale porn. Still, I had no idea that she was this kinky! After getting her ass pummeled, Eva Lin has a shot glass shoved into her ass and filled up with a hot load of cum… bottoms up!

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin!


Apr 02

Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin Loves Her Fucking Machine!

Eva Lin - Fucking Machine! Eva Lin - Fucking Machine!

Ready for some more Asian Ladyboy Eva Lin? I’ll bet that after seeing that gorgeous picture of hers in our last post, you were just itching to check out her new Official Site. Well, here are some pictures from one of her debut scenes there, and as you can see, Eva Lin is busy putting that hot Ladyboy ass of hers to the test!

You’ve just got to admit that every once in a while, guys can be a bit of a letdown. Lucky for Eva Lin, she’s got an always hard, never failing, fucking machine to fill in when she’s in the mood for cock! You’ve got to wonder just how much of a fucking Eva Lin can take from that dial in her hand… come find out for yourself!

Eva Lin - Fucking Machine!


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