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Feb 07

Asian Ladyboy Krissy’s Asian Dress!

Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Cock Shots! Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Cock Shots!

Asian Ladyboy Krissy is looking rather fine in this Asian inspired dress for a recent shoot on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl. For those of you who were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of her at the 2010 Tranny Awards, you would have seen her in a hot pink satin dress, and looking just fine there too.

Krissy was up against some pretty stiff competition in her category and didn’t walk away with a win, but it looks like she was having a lot of fun chatting with Fans. Maybe next year you’ll get the chance to check her out in person but until then, you can always see more Krissy on her site, Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Cock Shots! Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Cock Shots!


Aug 29

Asian Ladyboy Top Is Pretty In Pink On Bob’s Tgirls!

Asian Ladyboy Top on Bob's Tgirls! Asian Ladyboy Top on Bob's Tgirls!

This is one great Asian Ladyboy gallery that you’ll want to check out on Bob’s Tgirls this week for sure! This Pretty in Pink girl is Ladyboy Top and I don’t think you could come up with a cuter and more girly girl than her if you tried! I just love the flowers and touches of pink all over the place and that tiny little bow in her head is priceless.

I think Ladyboy Top would just love to be a bottom for some hunky guy who has a little thing for Asian Ladyboys and I can just imagine that that would be a good time! Once more, Bob’s Tgirls proves that he’s about much, much more than just the pretty faces here in the USA… Come check out more Ladyboy Top and even more great Asian Ladyboys on Bob’s Tgirls today!

Asian Ladyboy Top on Bob's Tgirls!


Aug 16

Sucking And Fucking With Asian Ladyboy Krissy!

Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Sucking And Fucking! Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Sucking And Fucking!

There’s more hot hardcore action with Asian Ladyboy Krissy this week at Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl! I’m always amazed at the antics this girl gets herself into and by the looks of these pictures, it looks like she’s on the receiving end of a hard cock! I think that sucking and fucking this masked man’s dick turns her on though… what do you think?

I love the outdoor setting of this shoot and Ladyboy Krissy looks hot in this summer dress and fishnet stockings. She sure lives up to the ‘naughty’ in her name, getting bent over and fucked by masked strangers! Come check out more Asian Ladyboy Krissy at her Official Site, Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Sucking And Fucking! Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Sucking And Fucking!


Aug 11

Come See The Asian Ladyboy Celeste This Thursday!

Celeste at Blue Moon Nights!

If you happen to be down in Los Angeles this coming Thursday, make sure you stop on by Blue Moon Nights for Tgirl Thursdays because the awesome TS Celeste is going to be there, dancing the night away and shaking that cute ass of hers! Celeste is one of my favorite Ladyboys in the world and the best thing is that she’s right here in the good ol’ USA! Celeste is a regular fixture in the Shemale clubs around LA and Las Vegas and you’ll totally fall in love with her if you ever have the pleasure of watching her perform…

The additional lineup of talent for this Thursday is pretty insane if you ask me! This is your chance to see TS Morgan Bailey and all her tattoos up close and personal, the awesome dance floor moves of Domino Presley, and of course, the always beautiful TS Paris… All together for one night! Sounds like this is going to be one hot night so come check it out!

Jul 19

800 Shemales And Asian Ladyboys And Counting On Frank’s Tgirl World!

Alice on Frank's Tgirl World! Alice on Frank's Tgirl World!

Emmy on Frank's Tgirl World! June on Frank's Tgirl World!

Frank’s Tgirl World now has over 800 beautiful Shemales reaching into their panties to play with themselves just for you, and many of those are hot Asian Ladyboys like the ones pictured here! Frank’s Tgirl World may have a ways to go before getting to the 1,200+ models that it’s sister site Ladyboy-Ladyboy has but I still think Frank’s Tgirl World is one of the most under-talked about Shemale and Asian Ladyboy sites around. With quality pictures and stunning girls, Frank has built quite the site over the last decade and I love the massive variety of content he showcases there.

Here are some pictures of four of the most recent Ladyboys to hit the site and if you’re itching for more, you’ll find girl after girl who will make your jaw drop on Frank’s Tgirl World… and make other parts of you stand straight at attention! With over 800 Shemales stroking themselves silly for the camera, there is plenty of hot content to keep you busy for hours and hours! And, of course, let’s not forget to mention that Frank himself is a professionally trained photographer… and the difference definitely shows! Frank’s Tgirl World regularly has some of my absolutely favorite shots of all time and currently features my favorite set of 2010 with new-comer Bee Armitage (don’t miss this set). Come spend some time browsing Frank’s Tgirl World and see for yourself what makes this site easily one of the best Shemale sites on the market.


Jul 12

Asian Ladyboy Lovers We Want To Hear From You On Hung Devils Forum!

Hung Devils Forum!

Hung Devils Forum is probably one of, if not THE largest gathering places for Transsexuals and their Admirers to come and chat with each other about nearly every topic under the sun! Whether you’re a Tgirl, Shemale Pornstar, or just interested in the lifestyle, you’re welcome to come and share your opinions on Hung Devils, and maybe make a friend or two along the way! Hung Devils has recently changed hands and the forum aims to be a place for friendly chat where you can converse with people who may (or may not – discussions welcome!) share your particular outlook on the world and life.

One of the great sections of Hung Devils that you’ll enjoy is the ‘Free Porn’ section. We’ve invited a large variety of Shemale Pornstars and Transsexual Performers to come and promote their sites, and girls like Amy Daly, Sammi Valentine, and Kimberly Kills post free pictures there regularly for you to browse. Please come and join us on Hung Devils Forum and come chat with some of your favorite girls! It fun, safe, and COMPLETELY FREE to become a Member (so you can see the pictures!), so come on by! We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

Hung Devils Forum!

Jul 06

Asian Ladyboy Fa And Alex On Ultimate Tgirl!

Asian Ladyboy Fa on Ultimate Tgirl! Asian Ladyboy Fa on Ultimate Tgirl!

So I have to admit, I have no idea at all what is going on in this new set of Asian Ladyboy Fa and her companion, Alex on Ultimate Tgirl… I mean, what in the world does a fire extinguisher have to do with anything else in this set? I just don’t get it…

That being said, Fa is looking mighty fine in her fishnets and high heels and she definitely has Alex pretty excited as she pumps away on his cock with her soft hand. Still, my eye keeps on wandering back to that stupid fire extinguisher… is it just me or is this a silly (but hot) shoot? Maybe you can help me figure out what’s going on here by checking out the entire set on Ultimate Tgirl!

Asian Ladyboy Fa on Ultimate Tgirl! Asian Ladyboy Fa on Ultimate Tgirl!


Jul 01

More Great Exhibitionism From Asian Ladyboy Krissy!

Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Exhibition! Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Exhibition!

Just imagine you pull up into a park after spending a long day driving and get out to stretch your legs. You decide to take a little walk and upon rounding the corner, you stumble across this lovely Asian Ladyboy posing in her short skirt and high heels! What do you think you would do…?

If I know Krissy, I’ll bet she would jump all over you and have your cock deep down her throat or up her Asian Ladyboy ass before you know it! Krissy is one horny girl and just loves to show off her body and hard Shemale cock every chance she gets! Come check out this great set and see some exhibition that you just won’t believe on Krissy4u – Naughty Asian Tgirl!

Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Exhibition! Asian Ladyboy Krissy - Exhibition!


Jun 18

Hot Action With Asian Ladyboys Q And Monica On Frank’s Tgirl World!

Q and Monica on Frank's Tgirl World! Q and Monica on Frank's Tgirl World!

I think it is so hot to watch two Asian Ladyboys locked in a deep embrace and sharing a passionate kiss or two! Here are some pictures capturing a special moment between Ladyboy Q and Ladyboy Monica on Frank’s Tgirl World in a recent shoot. I love how Q is copping a feel of Monica’s cute little tits as she caresses her lips with her tongue…

There two horny Asian Shemales just can’t get enough of each others’ Ladyboy cocks and pretty soon they’re sucking and fucking each other on the way to shooting hot loads of cum! This special scene from Frank’s Tgirl World of two horny Asian Ladyboys getting down and dirty is certainly one to check out so come on by today!

Q and Monica on Frank's Tgirl World!


Jun 13

Asian Ladyboy Pet Has Her Ass Rocked On Ultimate Tgirl!

Asian Ladyboy Pet on Ultimate Tgirl!

I love watching hot Asian Ladyboys get their pretty asses fucked. Something about their expressions while they’re bent over, face in a pillow, moaning in pleasure while they’re getting banged from behind is a real turn on. I think watching Asian Ladyboy Pet get her ass rocked on Ultimate Tgirl has got to be one of my favorite Ladyboy scenes in a while.

Not only is Pet super-hot, but she absolutely loves having her ass spread wide and rammed with hot, hard cock! Just look at her reaching back and spreading her ass cheeks wide like a little slut so she can feel that cock all the way up inside her. For this amazing scene, Asian Ladyboy Pet certainly deserves the title of Ultimate Tgirl!

Asian Ladyboy Pet on Ultimate Tgirl! Asian Ladyboy Pet on Ultimate Tgirl!


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